Constant Composter - Organic Coco Growth Medium 5 gallon bag

Constant Composter - Organic Coco Growth Medium 5 gallon bag

Best known growing medium comprising our Coco Coir, Volcanic Ash with Trace Elements and Sweet Synergy biological fertilizer into one consistent material.  Coco Coir is a peat moss replacement with better nutritional value, superior water holding capacity and resistance to diseases, pathogens and weeds.  Volcanic Ash supplies the plant with Silicon for overall strength to build resistance from diseases and insect pests while providing a slow release of trace element minerals.  Sweet Synergy is our OMRI Certified biological fertilizer that loads the soils with beneficial microorganisms while also providing the food source for them and the soil in their new environments.  Great for everything from initial plantings to large scale soil alteration projects. Perfect additive to any new or old grow medium. It makes it come alive and adds oxygen channels to build a strong healthy root system. 


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