What makes RKAG materials different then other products in the marketplace ?

When I’m asked this question a few things come to mind. But surely number 1 would be that RKAG nutrients are all backed by organic sugars. That sugar being Dextrose. Dextrose is a sugar source that helps solubilize the actual products so they can slurry up in a solution and it Also helps with flavor in fruits grown with it but it’s biggest impact is in The soil where it helps and works as a carbohydrate source aka a food source for the microbes and beneficial bugs that are in your soil.

All these beneficials need A constant food source to keep digesting so that they can keep creating a natural oxygen cycle within the soil / grow medium. Oxygen is most important when it comes to producing healthy plants. Oxygen helps create strong roots. More roots the more shoots. The more roots the stronger the plant. Stronger the plant the better chance it has to survive and outcompete any other plants within its ecosystem. Dextrose is the foundation in all RKAG products and it’s a multipurpose tool depending on what your growing. Learn more about Dextrose and other facts about RKAG products by subscribing to our websit.

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