2020 Golf Course Aerification Season - Adding Biology to open holes.

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The year 2020 sure has been brutal on the World and its People. In the Northeast United States the year 2020 spelled out disaster in many different ways. In the Northeast the Winter was very mild with no snow which means plants did not have time to shut down and rest. After the Winter we were met with CoronaVirus Pandemic in middle March which saw golf course crews disappear. Right when the season began grass started growing already and needed daily maintenance, fertility, and winter clean-up. Yes golf courses were closed completely for over a month but Golf Course Superintendents had either very minimal staff or in some cases ZERO staff. When golf courses re-opened they did like never seen before. Public golf courses doing over 275+ rounds per day and Private golf courses seeing over 200+ rounds per day and in some cases FOUR different golf carts. The Summer of 2020 has not been any better, we were met with a 26-day drought and 3 different Hurricane rains, ughhhh. The rains mixed with the summer heat melted a lot of grass this year. With all of these outside factors, this spelled DISASTER for some golf courses with minimal inputs, minimal crew and Massive amounts of depreciation around the golf course.

What this shows is the need for your Golf Course Superintendent, his Crew and a golf course that can sustain, regenerate and thrive under any circumstances. While golf courses could only do the minimum in the Spring they cannot take that approach during this Fall 2020 Aerification. We must load the soils up with as many beneficial foundation products as possible. Products to help chew down thatch, detoxify heavy metals the soil, build proper organic matter, prevent nutrient leeching, enhance CEC, drive down salts, and begin building from the soil up again. These best way to do that is add Beneficial Biology. Build using products with beneficial micro-organisms, organic sugars, organic kelp, organic acids and give your soil biology FOOD and not Salt-Based Products which dehydrate the environment.

The best time to take advantage of this situation is during Aerification when you have created holes and channels immediately into the soil profile. Spray and water them in to drive them as far into the soil profile as you can because under the top 4 inches turf managers have a tough time altering.

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