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What makes Royal Knight Agriculture formulations better than the competitor?

Our formulas and professional team have the versatility to work within any industry.  We specialize in organic based solutions to grow healthy plants and healthy environments. Everything is maintained with the highest of quality control to ensure our micronized organic sources are chelated with organic acids and organic sugars to become immediately beneficial to the plant.  Our products are environmentally friendly and form a synergistic relationship with the processes in the soil and in the plant.

Professional Turfgrass Industry

Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture Solutions

Hemp Farmers 

Cannabis Growers

Two Exclusive Royal Knight Agriculture Product Lines

Royal Knight Agriculture offers two exclusive product lines, the Flourish and Nourish Lines. Royal Knight AG fertilizers are organically made in a pharmaceutical lab. All formulas are specifically made to enhance soil biology and create a healthy sustainable ecosystem around the roots and in the soil. All RKAG fertilizers are formulated using organic acids and organic sugars making them more beneficial than cheap salt based fertilizers.  The Flourish offers the most diverse and concentrated biological liquid fertilizers and our NPK formulas combined with North Atlantic Kelp packed with cytokinins, gibberellins, auxins, vitamins and amino acids!  The Nourish line offers concentrated water soluble powders.  Recommended for professional plant growers looking to work with the most concentrated organic fertilizers ever made!

Micronized Carbon liquid Concentrate 

(Ready to Use)

The Flourish Line offers ready to use liquid fertilizers. Micronized carbon concentrate built complete with NPK or microbial synergistic packages made to target specific plant needs.

Micronized Dry Concentrates

(Water Soluble Powders)

The Nourish WSP Line offers professional water soluble powders. The formulas are highly concentrated powders loaded with organic sugars! It is suggested that all Nourish Line products be premixed in a container with water then added to the nutrient tank or solution.

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Royal Knight AG Team 


Ralph T. Henninger

Ralph T. Henninger

Founder of
Royal Knight AG LLC

Kevin Rundstrom 

Kevin Rundstrom 

Head Turfgrass Consultant and Organic Farming Specialist

Royal Knight AG Industry Partners 

Peach Country Tractor 

Peach Country Tractor is the main partner of RKAG. Peach Country Tractor provides RKAG with traditional agricultural supplies and helps facilitate all logistical and billing needs.


Ameriturf is a turf company providing cutting edge carbon solutions to turf managers and work as a logistical partner with Royal Knight Agriculture. Head Agronomist, Dale Miller works hand in hand with RKAG consultants providing top quality technical support.


DCM - Do Care More is RKAG partner with carbon granular technology. DCM provides long lasting granular products unlike anything else in the marketplace. Controlled organic release


This provides RKAG with OMRI certified Coco coir based materials. We distribute in a raw brick form and also hydrated loose form. GAPS is our partner helping supply the best organic growing medium.

What do our clients say? 

Ralph and the Royal Knight AG team took the time to listen to my vision and work with me to acheive that. A more organic approach began by using RKAG Microbial supreme in the fall. Over the winter Rallph helped build a budget friendly carbon based fertilizer program. 8 months later in the middle of the summer heat wave, we are conserving water and still seeing top quality turf. Royal Knight AG soil health approach has given us piece of mind under stressful growing conditions and given golfers great turf at an affordable rate.

Adam Scholer - Owner and operator of Heritage Creek Golf Course

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Which fertilizer is best for me to use?

Our fertilizers are built for anyone to use! Our Flourish Line is our liquid formulations made to be mixed with water and applied to plant or soil.  Our Nourish line is designed more for experienced growers looking for even more concentrated products! Both are very safe to use and environmentally friendly.

Is this fertilizer safe to use on any plant?

Yes absolutely! Any plant that grows in the ground or in water you can help fertilize with RKAG formulas.  Not only is it safe for any plants but it is also safe around people and pets!

How much fertilizer should I use?

Read the product label and follow instructions per product. Often the Flourish products are 100% safe at 1-9 oz per 1,000 sq feet and Nourish products are 100% safe at 1 teaspoon per gallon or 1-2 pounds per acre.

Can I apply too much fertilizer?

If the product is applied drastically over label rate you may see some slight discoloration or chlorosis.  Please read the label for the recommended rates.

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